Zak in Spain

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At first, I didn’t realize how much I need it. I applied for the job not really thinking about it. Not thinking about the fact that I been living in Malta all my life. I enjoy my life here in Malta. I have

amazing friends and a loving family. Of course not thinking about something leaves you with a bit of ignorance, let alone it unanswered.

I had gone abroad for multiple reasons, hobbies and adventure was the main catalyst for me to leave the island. Although I have been going on trips with all kinds of people I still brushed off the thought of going longer than a month.


A year back a friend of mine, who then became the president of IAESTE literally spent two whole months saying how I need to go. Please note he killed me, mentioning it to me so many times. I was not yet persuaded. He told me to apply. Not thinking about it, I applied.


Forgetting this all happened, four, five months passed. Two/three weeks before the epic adventure, with extreme excitement, another friend of mine who was part of IAESTE told me I got the job. I was doing my exams at the time and didn’t make time to think about it.

With the fantastic help from of IAESTE we did the final paperwork.


Whilst packing for it, it all kicked in. Oh my God, I’m going for four months, 120 days, 1/3 of a year, what kind of summer am I gonna spend?… An amazing one thing it was for sure. Thank you IAESTE Spain and especially IAESTE Malta. I couldn’t do without you and couldn’t

get any better help. Hasta luego Madrid and I suggest all of you to try.