These need to be merged into 1 PDF File and sent to

  1. O-form (the details of the company and employer of the job of interest which we will send to you after acceptance) 
  2. Student Nomination Form (please fill in online)
  3. Cover letter to the employer (Covering Letter Guidelines)
  4. CV /Résumé (Ideally based on the Europass CV format) 
  5.  Copy of your Unofficial Academic Record from eSIMS
  6.  Copy of your Registered Study-Units from eSIMS  
  7. Confirmation of Enrolment from the University (Course confirmation letter-guidelines for the application and the application form)    
  8. Letter of Recommendation (not obligatory but highly recommended)
  9. Any English Language Qualifications achieved (O/Int/A level)
  10. Scanned copy of Passport
  11. Passport photograph
  12. Any additional documents requested by the employer or specified by the receiving IAESTE

 A fee of 210 euro must be paid when the nomination package is accepted by IAESTE Malta and you are nominated. Students who applied in October/November will have a reduced fee of 175 euro.

Send to:

Feel free to contact us at the above email if you have any questions or queries.