Citizens of the countries mentioned here do NOT require a visa to enter Malta if staying on the Maltese Islands for up to three months.

The countries not mentioned above need to apply for a Visa at the nearest Maltese embassy or consulate a list of which is found here. The complete list of countries which need to apply for a Visa can be found here.

It is recommended to apply for a Visa, if required, as soon as the acceptance papers from IAESTE Malta are received since the issuing of the Visa may take some weeks. More information can be found on the Foreign Affairs website, under the ‘Services’ section. Also note that a Multiple Entry visa should be requested if you intend to leave and re-enter Malta during your stay.

It is also important to possess a valid passport. Citizens from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands can travel to Malta with a valid Identity Card. However, it is still highly recommended to have a valid passport.


Make sure that you return the Form N/5b (Confirmation of Acceptance) to the national IAESTE Secretariat in your country within two weeks that you receive your acceptance papers. By doing so we will be able to arrange accommodation and any necessary documents such as work permits. An insurance policy is compulsory for all trainees. Also, make sure to attach a photo of you so that we are able to recognise you at the airport!

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens do NOT need a work permit. If needed IAESTE Malta will apply for your work permit, once we receive your Confirmation of Acceptance Form. The company where you will be working will also be receiving a copy of the work permit. You will not receive any documents related to your work permit before arrive in Malta. The work permit fee amounts to €58 for Bulgarian/Romanian nationals and €230 for all other third country nationals. IAESTE Malta pays for the work permit on application, however, on arrival kindly ensure that you refund IAESTE Malta for these expenses. In some cases the company offers to cover these expenses or part of the fee. You will be informed about the exact amount you need to pay beforehand.

Your salary will usually be sufficient to meet the costs of living for one person, but often not to cover extra expenses.  Make sure that you have access to enough money (cash or bank account) until you get your first pay.  Therefore, you must take enough money with you in order to pay for your first necessities.  You have to pay the work permit fee, one month rent in advance and a security deposit upon arrival.  These are specified in their respective section.  Banks are available around the clock at the airport.