Roberto in Belgium

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My name is Roberto and I have completed my undergraduate course in B.Sc. in I.T. (Software Development) at the University of Malta. Through IAESTE Malta and IAESTE Belgium, I was given the opportunity to apply what I have learnt throughout my studies, in the real world. This summer I worked for a Geographical Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) company, called Septentrio, in Leuven, Belgium. Septentrio is one of the world’s most leading companies in GPS products, through its high-accurate centimetre-level devices, aimed at the maritime and agriculture markets.

I worked on a benchmarking test between Septentrio’s GPS receivers and its competitors. In the first few weeks, I investigated how the devices worked and later finalised a data stream plan to obtain all the data streams for post-processing analysis. This was onerous with the limited number of ports available for each device. Later, a test plan was discussed and finalized to assess the quality of data from each GPS receiver. Data analysis was carried out on the data obtained to better understand how each device performed.

This internship has enabled me to further improve my software testing skills, achieve a mutual goal with other colleagues and solve any setbacks that came along. Lastly, through this experience, I was able to get to know other interns at the company and gain more insight on how multicultural foreign I.T. companies operate.