Kirsty In Poland

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The words that first come to my mind when I think of this experience are exciting, life changing and unforgettable. It’s an experience that makes you be so grateful of having the chance to go through such an opportunity in your life.

During my traineeship, I was part of the Electrochemistry research group at the University of Technology in Poznan, Poland. I cannot forget the hospitality the people I met there showed during my stay, always ready to explain the ongoing research.It feels good to finally apply the theory which I have learned over the years and to put this into practice and pursue the concepts of how I was taught to think. I have surely expanded my laboratory skills as well as my communication skills after having had this working experience.

The IAESTE committee were amazing, always organising events to make us trainees get to know each other better and enjoy our time there. Meeting people from all over the globe is exciting, you learn about the different cultures first hand,from the people themselves. You get to realize the world is so small, and you actually have some common things with people who were born and raised in a totally different country.

The friends you make become very important and all of them leave an influence on you. You learn how to share both positive and negative emotions , become more open minded and accepting as a person. You spend time with the friends you make practically every day and become closer by the day. The best days are when you get to travel together, visiting new cities and making the best memories of your life. This experience helps you to be more independent, mature and above all, thinking about it makes you feel happy.