Jonathan In Japan

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Lucky enough to have been chosen for an IAESTE internship in Japan, I was both nervous and excited to be spending four months far away from home. I boarded my flight full of doubts about my decision, with the fear of feeling alone in a foreign country continually in my thoughts. Two months into my internship, I look back with relief of having made the right decision to come here. Not only am I surrounded by friendly Japanese co workers who have tried their best to make me feel welcome in the laboratory, but I have met numerous IAESTE trainees and foreigners from all over the world, building friendships with people from different backgrounds whom I would have never expected to meet. And to top off the wonderful friendships, I get to experience a completely new culture and visit wonderful places. I will go back to Malta a changed person, more independent, with memories of this enriching experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Don’t hesitate, join IAESTE, you will definitely not regret it!