Daniel in Brazil

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It was always my dream to visit Brazil, more for the fact that I wanted to see the reality of the country for myself. I was not disappointed, as Brazil turned out to be one of the best, after interacting with some of its natural, cultural and historical assets.

As for my internship, I was in UNESP, one of the universities in the state of Sao Paulo, within the Architecture Department located in Bauru. Throughout my two months there I was doing site photography and basic city modelling for public proposals.

Above all that, there is the networking appeal to such an internship. I was surprised that in just two months I had managed to make so many connections; interns like me from all across Europe and beyond, whom I befriended through work and travel, to some amazing locals who introduced me to the culture, the profoundly happy language and the laid back Brazilian life. We all shared our stories and cultures and thus I can say I’ve learnt a lot from every person I met.

Knowing all this, I feel that in every part of the country I’ve been to, I have left a significant part of me, a part that will stay there and allow me to return to Brazil as my home rather than any other foreign country.