A tale of Two M’s

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Joining the IAESTE Malta committee has been an opportunity of self-development and a stepping stone leading to further great experiences to many. These last weeks have proven this quite clearly on a more public platform. This can be seen in the recent successes of Mark Trapani and Michael Debono.

Mark Trapani

Our Trapani has just contested the KSU election and was elected as the International Officer. IAESTE Malta has not only given him the perfect international experience during international conferences, his traineeship in Kenya and his duties in the committee, but has also given him the set of skills needed to fulfil his role in KSU. We are more than confident that he will do an impeccable job for the whole student body, as he has done during his term in IAESTE Malta, and we wish him luck in his new endeavours and challenges.

Michael Debono

Debono is an active IAESTE Malta alumnus who has done invaluable work for IAESTE Malta throughout the years. His competence and hard work has also been recognised by the international IAESTE scene and the IAESTE Board has just offered him a position as IT Manager. Having a Maltese IAESTE alumnus working for the Board is something IAESTE Malta takes pride in and we would like to congratulate Michael on this achievement.

Here at IAESTE Malta we cannot be more proud of Mark and Michael. They are once again proof that hard work  and dedication pays off.