30 years of exchanging internships worldwide

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30 years of Hard work!
30 years of Hard work!

Hard work and dedication.

Those are the two components that led to the success story that is IAESTE Malta which just celebrating its 30th Anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, IAESTE Malta organised a formal event for its alumni last December so as to share the IAESTE Malta history and rekindle IAESTE memories.

Although IAESTE Malta is celebrating its 30 years since it became an associate member in 1984, a committee was already exchanging internships back in 1967. However, this committee had to terminate the membership due to changes in the educational system in 1977. It was then in 1984 that the University Engineering Student Workers Association – UESWA (nowadays known as UESA) brought back this internship exchange system back to Malta and in 1989 IAESTE Malta became a full member of IAESTE.

Since then, IAESTE Malta has been an entirely student run organisation. While providing invaluable work experience to students, IAESTE Malta has also strived to provide companies with highly skilled hardworking interns. More than that, IAESTE is a community of young professionals who are motivated to go beyond and take ownership of their career paths.

IAESTE Malta would like to thank all the alumni who joined us for the Anniversary Celebrations and also the AIS Group, Seashells Resort at Suncrest –member of AX Hotels, Farsons, and MISCO who made this evening possible. A heartfelt thank you goes also to all alumni who managed to keep IAESTE Malta alive and also companies and fellow IAESTE branches who have supported us throughout the years.

Check out the event photos here.