As long as you have given us the correct information about your arrival (by means of the N5b) we will meet you at the airport or at the harbour.  We will give you the contact details (email, mobile etc.) of the committee member or helper picking you up.  If, on arrival, there are any problems phone us.

Accommodation is arranged by IAESTE Malta upon request. It can vary, however, it is usually shared so that the costs are kept to a minimum. The accommodation is also in a central place in Malta that is well connected with public transport.

As soon as you arrive you will need to pay a deposit to cover any damages or excessive use of utilities. The amount will be refunded after your traineeship is finished, if you obey the rules.

On the first workday, you will be, if possible, accompanied to your workplace and introduced to your employer by a committee member. He/she will explain how to get to work and back on the other days. From then on, you will be expected to go to work alone.

Do not worry about what to wear at work. Jeans and shirt are acceptable almost everywhere, but you might have to wear a working suit at certain places so it is always better to contact your employer after you are accepted.

Please try to make it on time for your work. It is up to each trainee to ensure that he/she carries out well his/her duties at work.