Twinning in Belgium

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Part of the advantages of being part of a global organisation is meeting people and visiting different places around the world. This year, IAESTE Malta had the opportunity to conduct a twinning with Local Committees IAESTE Ghent and IAESTE Brussles in Belgium. The concept behind a twinning is very simple. The committees travel to the other’s homeland, and experience the culture, tradition and way of life of the country.

So from the 19th to the 21st March, 6 of us hopped on a plane and made our way to meet our new Belgian friends. While we were in travelling, we soaked in some amazing architecture, experienced the cool, pollution-free air, and almost got run over by a bike at least twice. Life is very different, but a welcome change. We indulged in different types of chocolates, beers, food and parties every evening. While I could ramble on about what we did and saw, I’m sure you’d much rather see a few photos of what Belgium has to offer. Flip through to see what our NC was up to!


We are look forward to welcoming our new friends to our island this coming April, and show them what makes Malta such a gem!