Tristan in Austria

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“I was given the opportunity of going on an internship in Graz and without thinking twice, I went for it. The job I was offered was that of a software testing engineer at a gaming company. It involved me playing a game and testing it in extreme cases to try find bugs.

The job itself was amazing and even more so the employees. I never felt any stress or pressure at the workspace because everyone was always so positive and welcoming.

I have taken a lot from this experience, not only knowledge with regards to my field but also mastering the skill of independence. Living alone, having to always think ahead which ingredients I needed to buy, cooking and washing the clothes have made me even more independent and appreciative. It is very natural to take these things for granted but thanks to this experience I gained a higher level of appreciation for my parents back at home.

In my opinion, a work experience abroad is worth every penny. It exposes you to different cultures and opens you up to new experiences that you can carry along throughout your life.”