The Pep Talk

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We live in a country where having a quiet getaway without meeting anyone you know is unheard of, where getting lost on purpose is basically impossible, and where you can find yourself on the other side of the islands in a few minutes. Therefore, leaving our tiny sheltered homeland to work and live in an unfamiliar huge country can seem quite an intimidating and daunting experience especially when you are doing this on your own.

This is why IAESTE Malta decided to hold a Pep Talk for this year’s outgoing students while also calling in last year’s outgoing interns to share their IAESTE experience. In this informal session held on Friday 15th May, we not only gave all the basic information needed in preparation for the internship, but also showed that going on an IAESTE Internship is not an intimidating experience but rather an opportunity for personal growth and a potential best-summer-of-my-life candidate.

Once all the queries were answered, insecurities tackled and stories shared, we moved on to the presentation of certificates to last year’s interns and gave our final blessing to the (hopefully) newly motivated interns being sent into the wild big foreign cities!

In the meantime we cannot wait to welcome the incoming trainees who will be facing the tightly-knit Maltese community and the ever so radiant sunshine of our islands.