Newspapers in English published in Malta are The Times and The Malta Independent, published daily, and three weekly newspapers, The Sunday Times, The Malta Independent on Sunday and Maltatoday.

Foreign newspapers, magazines and journals are also widely available.

The electrical supply is 230 volts +/- 10%, the frequency of the supply being equal to 50 hertz.  The three-pin rectangular plug system is used, as in Britain.  Adapters are very easy to find.

Legal time in Malta is Central European time (CET) equivalent to GMT +1.  Daylight-saving time is on from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October.

The public health care system in Malta is funded through taxation and national insurance and operates through public hospitals and health care centres. A number of other private hospitals, clinics and other facilities provide private health care. Care in these private facilities is funded by private insurance or out-of-pocket payments. A list of all health care institutions in Malta is available on the website of the Ministry for Social Policy:

Temporary visitors from EU member states have direct access to the health care from publicly funded health care services upon presentation of an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) together with an identification document.