Ryan in Switzerland

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At the BFH I was tasked with working on two projects, which involved the design of the required
PCBs, their assembly and the final testing and programming to develop a working system. The work was somewhat similar to what I had been doing in my previous university course, although here I had access to some more specialised equipment which made for a great learning experience. After 10 weeks, I successfully managed to produce working prototypes for the two systems.
This was my first experience living in another country, which at first was a bit confusing due to
Switzerland’s different norms. I absolutely loved the transport systems, from their highly punctual and fast trains to their public e-bikes which made travelling and exploring the city of Bern really fun. The accommodation prepared by the IAESTE Bern committee was simply perfect; incredibly close to the main train station, clean and very well equipped. I think the highlight of the entire experience was boating on the Aare river from Thun back to Bern, which was so fun I ended up doing it three times, once with an inflatable unicorn!

If you love hiking and the great outdoors, Switzerland is simply a must. I went hiking almost every weekend, with each new location I went to being more breath-taking than the last. Although I didn’t mind hiking on my own, the best way to discover Switzerland’s many beautiful hikes is through the IAESTE events, most notably the Zermatt weekend which in my opinion was the best one I attended.