Michael in Japan

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Studying on one of the Maltese Islands has its perks, 300 days of sunshine, beautiful beaches and thousands of parties. However, this also has its downsides, as any sort of “road trips” are limited, and to experience a different culture or travel and meet new people we are forced to leave our islands.


Keeping this in mind you could imagine my excitement when I heard that I had been lucky enough to have been chosen for an IAESTE internship in Japan. Through this internship I got a first-hand experience of what student life in other countries is like. One of the main highlights of this trip was having the chance to work at one of Asia’s leading universities, the University of Tokyo.


Being 10,000 kilometers away from home is no easy feat, but this was made easy with the help of the other trainees who I am proud to call friends. It was with the help of these friends that I helped explore the wonderful world and culture of Japan.