2020 Updates!

Jobs reserved for students studying in Malta will be released in February 2020. Late offers are available throughout the year to all students in over 80 countries.

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Amidst the current ongoing developments concerning COVID19, IAESTE Malta has taken the proactive decision to provide all students who have applied for a paid internship abroad in Summer 2020 with a one-time offer, outlined hereunder, due to the unprecedented circumstances we are facing:

If the employer still agrees to go ahead with the internship, but the student decides not to go due to reasons concerning COVID19, the student will be refunded 75% of their nomination fee by IAESTE Malta.

Kindly note that if the employer takes the decision to call off the internship, students will be refunded 100% of their nomination fee by IAESTE Malta.

Students who have been accepted for an internship must be in direct contact with their employer in order to communicate any decisions/agreements being made. The student must also keep IAESTE Malta updated in this regard.

Contact us should you have any questions regarding this process!

The IAESTE Malta Team
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If you would like more information or like to reach out to us, send us an email at exchange@iaeste.org.mt and we will guide you through the process in more depth.