Am I eligible to apply?

All full-time students reading for a degree in Engineering, Architecture, Science, IT or Pharmacy are eligible for an IAESTE traineeship abroad. If you wish to take the opportunity you are requested to apply online.

Great! So what next?

At the beginning of the academic year (October-November), an information meeting is held for all students interested in becoming part of the IAESTE experience. Applications are opened to students at this time against a small fee. Through this application, we can get a detailed overview of which study fields, level of study and countries the Maltese students are interested in. This will help the Annual Conference IAESTE Malta delegate when exchanging jobs with fellow IAESTE branches, so as to obtain jobs that are suitable for the applicants.

Jobs abroad for students enrolled in Maltese institutions are then made available around February, after which students are required to submit a Job Preference Form where they show which particular jobs they are interested in. A student is then nominated for each job offer according to a fair points system.

Students nominated have to submit a nomination package which includes their CV, covering letter to the employer, course confirmation letter, copy of their academic record and registered study units, reference letters, passport-sized photograph and a copy of a valid passport and any other papers required as instructed by IAESTE Malta.

How do I know if I am accepted for my Internship?

When we receive your nomination and CV and we confirm that you meet the requirements of the employer, your application is sent abroad. As soon as we know whether you have been accepted or not by the employer, we will inform you immediately. This may be any time between April and May, and also depends on when your traineeship is due to start. You are NOT allowed to contact the company until you receive official acceptance through IAESTE Malta.

Will I need a visa/working/residence permit?

Each country has different regulations. You will be given the relevant details about each country if you are awarded a traineeship in that country.

Accommodation will be provided by the IAESTE committee of the country you are visiting or by your Employer. You may also choose to arrange your own accommodation if you want.

What should I take with me?

On leaving Malta, DO NOT FORGET:

  • Valid Passport (& Visa if necessary)
  • Valid Identity Card
  • Form N/5-a filled and returned to IAESTE Malta
  • Money to cover at least the first four weeks worth of the specified cost of living and for any deposits
  • Extra cash as you might not be able to get to a bank for the first few days
  • Insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Student ID Cards (ISIC etc.)
  • Papers related to your job
  • Stationery
  • Pocket dictionary (if necessary)
  • Some basic Tableware (may be useful)
  • Souvenirs from Malta to give to your new friends
  • Anything you may need for the International nights, such as typical Maltese clothes, food and drinks.
  • Medicine you take regularly
  • Adapters for electrical items
  • Sleeping bag (may be useful)
  • Some passport photos
  • Travelling bag, preferably a rucksack, for travelling in weekends
  • ...and anything else you may deem useful.

Any other useful tips?

  • Make sure you take with you clothes that you can wear practically everywhere you is useless taking with you clothes that you can only wear on very special occasions.
  • Before leaving the Maltese Islands, check the usual weather conditions in the period you will be travelling in so that you can take suitable clothing according to the type of weather.
  • If you are going to stay abroad for quite a long time it is advisable to buy a SIM card in your host country so that you can communicate better with the foreign IAESTE committee and the will also prove to be cheaper than using your Maltese SIM Card.
  • Do not forget your relatives and friends in Malta! Communicate with them upon your arrival in the host country and as often as you can.
  • Get hold of useful emergency and contact numbers of your host country and of the foreign IAESTE committee BEFORE you leave the Maltese Islands.
  • Upon acceptance, contact your foreign IAESTE committee so that they can make arrangements for your lodging and for your greeting at the airport.
  • Beware of travelling at night in your host country...always ask about this to your colleagues and friends...not everywhere is safe!
  • If you have an intention to practice some sports, make sure you make the proper travel insurance before leaving Malta.
  • For those travelling to countries which are members of the European Union, apply for the European Health Insurance Card (E-111) as soon as you are accepted.


Will there be Kinnie where I'm going?

Probably not.


If you have any further qestions, Get in touch via the Contact Us form, or send us an e-mail at For feedback and complaints, please get in touch with IAESTE A.s.b.l's independent Ombudsperson.