The employer determines the kind of work offered by specifying:

  • The qualifications and skills prospective candidates should have.
  • What year in their studies the prospective students should be at.
  • Knowledge of any language that is required.
  • If they should have completed any particular training or work experience prior to the traineeship.
  • The duration of the traineeship (6 weeks minimum, 1 year maximum) and during which months of the year the traineeship should take place.
  • Preferred countries from which students should be nominated.

Students available for traineeships come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. This makes IAESTE trainees ideal for tackling one-time projects or research, or actively working within the company.

It is the employer that decides whether the nominated student is accepted or not. A nomination package containing CV, covering letter and transcript of studies are provided for viewing prior to taking the decision of accepting the trainee.Should the trainee be rejected we then request another student nomination keeping in mind the employer's reasons for rejection.

  • Get skilled reliable employees: IAESTE’s exchange scheme works in such a way that all requisites and qualifications a foreign student must possess in order to get employed are laid down by the employer. IAESTE has a stringent selection process thus ensuring that all foreign trainees are technically competent and that they meet the criteria stipulated by the employer.
  • Enable Maltese students to work abroad: for every foreign student working in a local company, one Maltese student gets the opportunity to go on an internship abroad, thus enriching the Maltese workforce with skills they can only obtain when embarking on such experiences.
  • Get a boost of new ideas and energy into your organisation: employers benefit from the insights their interns give them into foreign standards, practices and qualifications. Moreover, IAESTE has a vast pool of graduate students which is not available in Malta.
  • The IAESTE internship programme is employer-led – you specify what your company wants or needs, and we find the right person for you! Employers can also specify from which contry they would like their intern to be, provided that that country has an active IAESTE branch.
  • We have a stringent selection process, and are trusted by long-term employers.
  • Students who apply for internships are generally hard-working, high caliber, motivated students. You also have the possibility to interview the student before you accept them to decide this for yourself.
  • IAESTE international is an established network with access to students from over 80 countries and 1000 universities, over 60 years old and exchanged over 300,000 students! IAESTE Malta has been an active member for 30 years and counting, and in that time we've received and sent thousands of students!
  • A trainee can be given short or long-term projects, or be an extra pair of hands to enable work that wouldn’t usually get done.
  • These students provide fresh ideas and perspectives into the workplace, and expose staff to new cultures!
  • Overseas business opportunities – trainees give an insight into the sector in their home country and can work as ambassadors or even future employees for your company.
  • IAESTE Malta provides the following services: work permits, visas, accommodation, social programme – the only cost to the employer is the student’s wage (and supervisor time).
  • By offering a placement, you are contributing to the up-skilling of students from our country because all placements are reciprocal – students increase in confidence, skills, and experience – the potential future employees of your company!

The responsibilities of Companies:
  • Provide work
  • Wages - at least minimum wage
  • Commitment
  • Registration with ETC as a student worker
The responsibilities of IAESTE Malta:
  • Student nomination
  • Work permits, Visas and other paperwork
  • Accommodation
  • Social and cultural events
  • Commitment and support

The information contained on the form will be transcribed onto a standard IAESTE offer form.

Every effort will be made to select a candidate for training according to the requirements you have indicated on the form. For this reason it is advisable to include as much detail as possible both on the type of placement offered and the qualifications of the trainee required. On completion of the form, please also send an email to with a company brochure as this will further ensure that an informed and motivated student is put forward as your trainee.

One student will be nominated for each placement and once you have confirmed acceptance of the trainee(s), IAESTE will issue all the necessary papers. We would ask that if you do not find the chosen candidate acceptable we should be allowed to put forward an alternative candidate.

Although this training offer you are making is not legally binding, we request that you view this as a serious commitment to hold a place open for an IAESTE trainee, at least until the specified nomination deadline.


All applications for work permits and visas are handled by IAESTE. The trainee is asked to complete the application for a work permit (employment license) to be issued. On your approval of the trainee, you are asked to sign the document and return it to us for processing as soon as possible. The issue of a work permit costs €58 (for Bulgarian/Romanian countries) or €230 (other countries). Interns from the EU/EEA and Swiss Countries do not need to apply for a work permit. The foreign trainee in Malta is paid an amount almost equivalent to the cost of living, and we would be grateful if the cost of issuing a work permit is borne by the employer. However, at the employer's discretion, this may be deducted from the trainee's income. More information can be found on the JobsPlus website. Students on IAESTE traineeships in Malta for a period of less than 6 months are exempt from Income Tax. If the Income Tax Department enquires about this kindly contact us to provide you a certification document for proof.You are required to register the trainee as a regular employee with ETC and in doing so it is important to register him/her as a student and not as a regular employee. The work permit is issued after the student's arrival because some nationals would require a medical check-up as a procedural formality. We will eventually pass you a copy of the permit upon issue.